Suffolk Academies Trust has a single Educational Excellence Committee overseeing the curriculum and quality of both Abbeygate Sixth Form College and One Sixth Form College.


To provide assurance to the Trust Board in matters relating to curriculum and continual enhancement of the quality of education and the student experience by monitoring relevant strategy, policies, procedures and educational outcomes and scrutinising their impact.

To provide assurance to the Trust Board that local input from parents, students and other stakeholders is being sought and heard.

To challenge and hold to account the leadership team on matters of educational quality and the student experience, seeking continual improvement.


  1. To monitor the impact of, and approve the implementation of, educational quality assurance/improvement strategies across the Trust;
  2. To scrutinise the Trust’s Admissions Policy and recommend to the Trust Board for approval;
  3. To review and evaluate Key Performance Indicators in relation to the quality of teaching and learning, curriculum delivery and outcomes, challenging and agreeing remedial actions when required;
  4. To receive reports and review and evaluate Key Performance Indicators in relation to the quality and impact of the Colleges’ relationships with parents, and other local stakeholders such as healthcare providers, employers and linked schools in the local community.
  5. To receive outcomes of any staff, student or stakeholder surveys conducted by the Colleges and ensure feedback on curriculum and quality performance is used to inform decision making/action plans so as to enhance the overall student experience and wellbeing.
  6. To receive and comment on the Colleges’ annual Self-Assessment Reports, identifying significant changes in results, emerging trends and risk in relation to future performance, and recommend the report(s) and Quality Improvement Plans to the Trust Board for approval;
  7. To review progress reports on the implementation of current Quality Improvement Plans and other evaluation reports related to the quality and achievement of learning across the Colleges;
  8. To review the Colleges’ performance against internal and external targets, performance projections and peer group benchmarks; and set appropriate targets for the forthcoming academic year, challenging and agreeing remedial actions when required;
  9. To review the Colleges’ performance and achievement against relevant external accreditations;
  10. To support, on behalf of the Trust Board, the CEO, Principals and other senior staff for any Ofsted or other regulatory inspections, both through discussing the approach to such inspections and specifically providing Governance input and presence as required;
  11. To be kept informed about the outcomes of teaching quality enhancements such as teacher numbers, lesson observations, and staff CPD, as well as follow-up actions;
  12. To review reports and policies on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion as they relate to student outcomes, experience and wellbeing;
  13. To receive regular reports from the Executive Safeguarding Committee(s) and provide assurance and make recommendations as required to the Trust Board through the Trust Lead for Safeguarding;
  14. To assure the Trust Board that there is sharing of best practice as it related to student education and wellbeing across the Eastern Colleges Group;
  15. To contribute, as required, to the Trust Board’s discussions of strategy and risk management relating to areas within the Committee’s remit

Governor Membership

Ms Julia Wakelam

Julia Wakelam new
Term from: 23.09.2020

Term to: 31.08.2023

Karen Points - Vice Chair

Karen points 150pxx150px

Term from: 08.07.2021

Term to: 31.08.2022 

Nikos Savvas

Nikos Savvas

Sarah Healey Pearce

Sarah Healey Pearce 2021

Sue Daley - Chair

Sue daley

Term from: 08.07.2021

Term to: 31.08.2022

Mrs Kate Brown - Staff Governor

Kate brown
Term from: 01.09.2019

Term to: 31.08.2023

Clare Flintoff

Clare Flintoff photo

Term from: 24.09.2020

Term to: 23.09.2024

Kate Sida-Nicholls

Kate Sida Nichols

Term from: 24.09.2020

Term to: 23.09.2024

Lawrence Chapman


Term from: 24.09.2020

Term to: 23.09.2024

Nigel Burgoyne - Local Governor

Nigel Photo

Term from: 24.09.2020

Term to: 23.09.2024

Jessica Bawden - ASFC Parent

Jessica bawden

Start date: 03.01.2022
End date: 02.01.2024   

Tom Miller - OSFC Parent

Tom billy

Start date: 03.01.2022
End date: 02.01.2024    

To be appointed - OSFC Staff


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Scheme of Delegation  

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