Severe Weather Information

Severe Weather Information

Our aim is to keep One open at all times and ensure students are able to undertake their studies without unnecessary interruption. We acknowledge the safety and welfare of our students, staff and visitors is important and any decisions made will ensure this commitment is not compromised.

When deciding whether to close One, due to severe weather, we would expect to make this decision before 7.00am. The default position is that One will be open unless the schools closure website says otherwise.

Our advice is as follows:-




  • Regularly monitor the website -
  • Check both your One email account and Platform One  intranet where possible for specific instructions
  • If the building is closed for students teaching staff should still try to attend and / or allocate work to their students via email

Clearly parents and others may have concerns. However, the most up to date information will be available on the above websites. It’s also important that the telephone lines at One are kept clear and used for emergency purposes only. Your understanding in this request will be appreciated.

In the event of One closing early on the day, due to worsening weather conditions, we will endeavour to give as much notice as possible to ensure students can make suitable arrangements.

Students of staff having problems getting home should meet in the main atrium of One where the Staff will attempt to make suitable transport arrangements.

Severe Weather Frequently Asked Questions