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Work Experience

'Work experience gives students a realistic understanding of working in industry. It is vital for students to be able to experience the types of careers they may wish to pursue to make informed choices for their future.'

'It builds confidence in our students to develop relationships and network with professionals to enhance their employability skills. Physical and virtual work experience opportunities can open the eyes of students to discover a world of opportunities. We want to encourage our students to explore!

'We are passionate to bring students employer-led opportunities as we appreciate that these interactions gives students an elevated enthusiasm during their studies and inspiration to go on and creatively seek specialist career paths in the world of work.'

Maria Austin (Work Experience Administrator)

At One, we have a number of courses where work experience placements are embedded into the course requirements to support with learning and future progression opportunities.  We encourage our students to understand the advantages to having a CV demonstrating a blended approach to work experience to include evidence of physical and virtual work experience completed showing their willing, flexibility and adaptability to encompass different types of working within their field.

What is Virtual Work Experience?

Virtual work experience (known as VWEX) is the opportunity to gain an experience or encounter with an employer, away from the physical work place, instead using a device with a stable internet connection such as a laptop/computer/mobile phone/tablet.  Virtual work experience opportunities allow employer engagement between participants working in organisations across the country and even the world.  They are particularly relevant in these exceptional times’ as they have enabled young people to gain invaluable work experience to boost their CV and university applications despite coronavirus restrictions.

Please access our guide for further information here

We encourage all students to access our weekly Careers and Work Experience Padlet What’s on Wednesday’s to look at current opportunities available which includes virtual work experience opportunities to get involved in.

Work experience placements offer a great opportunity for you to develop the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to move forward within your chosen career.  Here at One, students are expected to be able to find their own work experience placements suitable to their course and career aspirations.

Some placements may require Enhanced DBS checks (suitable for people working with children or adults in certain circumstances such as those in receipt of healthcare or personal care) and we contact students to inform them of the process and which ID documents are required if this applies to them.

Out of County Placements

At One, our Work Experience Administrator will help guide you through securing a work experience placement.  However, please note that if you request an out of county work experience placement this could incur additional costs.

Can you offer Students Work Experience? Are you a parent/guardian who works for an employer that can support work experience placements? Or, are you an employer who would like to get involved in our physical/virtual work experience programmes?

We would love to work with you and you can get in touch by accessing this link (https://www.suffolkone.ac.uk/one-extra/careers/contact-careers-team/).

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