Which Resources are Most Effective in Supporting the Progress of GCSE Maths Re-sit Students?

Which resources are most effective in supporting the progress of the GCSE Maths re-sit students?

Resources are used to portray information to students and in GCSE maths re-sit classes; they need a variety that works for those who struggle with maths. I am interested in finding resource styles that best suit the re-sit classes including the best way to lay them out and what students can gain from the resource.

This research will help to develop an understanding of the link between resources, students and learning styles within the GCSE re-sit cohort, with the intention of using the outcome to adapt and refine the resources used within these lessons to best aid the students in achieving. To achieve this will see the implementation of various styles of resources within the lessons and the student outcome along with their opinions will then be compared to determine which styles worked better than others.

This will only be a small scale study linked to the current scheme of work implemented within the GCSE classes.

Alex Woor (alex.woor@suffolkone.ac.uk) - SCITT student

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