2015 Student Success

Principal of One, Alan Whittaker, said, "We have had outstanding student performance across all programmes including A-levels, AS levels and Vocational qualifications."

"This news following our ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted Inspection in May and marks another positive step forward as we approach our fifth anniversary."

A Level

In terms of A2 performance 524 students sat exams.

The overall results were as follows:

A* - C 80pc - a four pc increase on 2014

A* - B 48pc a one pc improvement on 2014

A* - E 99pc a one pc improvement on 2014

AS Performance

In terms of AS performance - 545 students sat exams

The overall results were as follows:

A - C 70pc a one pc increase on 2014

A - B 44pc a two pc increase on 2014

A - E 97pc a three pc increase on 2104


In terms of vocational courses, a total of 315 students undertook these courses.

The overall results were as follows:

D*D*D* - PPP 99% increase of 17% on 2014


One student quotes

18 year old Joe Whitby is from Brantham. He got three A* grades in biology, chemistry and maths. Amidst tears of joy, he said, “I can’t really explain how I’m feeling. I’m now going to take a year out and get experience - hopefully working abroad. When I get back I hope to go to University in London.”

Sam Whitby, 19 from Stutton. Sam had to take a year out after a serious illness but came back this year and she said, “I got higher grades than I was hoping for and that has got me into the University of East Anglia. I’m going to study history - I’m not sure how I feel - a bundle of emotions - mostly really really happy - my mum cried. I’m just happy and proud and looking forward to it. I’m very excited about the new experience of university. It’s going to be a really fun time.”

Iona Oliver, 17 from Ipswich, said, “I’ve done really well and I’m really happy with the results. I’m off to Glasgow University and then I’d like to get into film and TV - we will see. I’m really excited to go somewhere new and live in a new place and work out what I enjoy doing.”

Emily, Frost is 17 from Ipswich. She did a BTEC in applied science and got a triple star distinction and shows that you don’t necessarily need to take A-levels to get your dream place at university. She said. “I feel over the moon and now I’m off to the Royal Vet College in Potters Bar - it is the only place I’ve ever been interested in.”