One Hosts Creative Industries Day to Inspire Next Generation

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To help showcase career opportunities in the creative industries, One sixth form college invited industry professionals to shine a light on their work for the first ever Creative Industries Day.

Representatives from Screen Suffolk and the University of Suffolk spoke about the work of individuals in Suffolk, such as the local sound and design artist who worked on Star Wars and those who worked on the latest series of Detectorists.

Ross Barrett, media teacher who organised the event, said: “Many of our students have an idea of what they would like to do in terms of their career but they are not necessarily sure how to get there.

“So when they get advice from ‘the horses mouth’ in relation to what they have to do after One, it really helps them make informed decisions about their careers.

“It puts what they are studying into context in industry terms.”

We aim to grow the event each year.

Jake Robson, director of curriculum at one sixth form in Ipswich, said: "The creative industries; encompassing visual arts and design, performing arts and music, media and digital contributed £92 billion to the UK Economy in 2016.

“The creative industries are the UK’s fastest growing sector and they are stimulating a resurgence in UK manufacturing.

“We believe that nurturing the creative talents of young people makes good economic sense as well as being essential to our cultural offer.

“To this end we continue to invest wisely in highly qualified teaching staff and state of the art resources and accommodation in order to ensure that whether our students study arts or STEM, they are at the cutting edge.”