BAFTA winner visits One during focus on creative careers

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Students heard from a BAFTA winning animator during an all-day creative careers event that was held at One.

Jim Le Fevre – who received a BAFTA new talent award for his film called the Little Princess' Birthday Party – was one of a number of contributors to this occasion.

Other speakers included film makers, magazine and radio producers, media experts and social media stars who talked about their lives amidst a focus on creative careers.

Last year, a BBC survey revealed that nine in ten schools had cut back on arts subjects in schools.

But with an upcoming production of Chicago, a recent arts awards evening and a Christmas music concert just a few weeks away, One is determined to buck the national trend by putting money into arts subjects.

Ross Barrett is a teacher of media and film studies. He helped organise the creative showcase. He said, "We had a mixture of local and national practitioners come to this event.

"I read a recent statistic that claimed that one in four UK jobs is somehow involved in creative industries – so it's all about showing students opportunities via this event that will hopefully help and inspire them in the future.

"This year, we had a BAFTA winner who came into see us this time – it would be amazing to think we have a future BAFTA winner who is studying with us right now. Thanks to everyone who supported us.

18 year old student, Ryan Best from Ipswich, said, "It was good hearing people talk about what they do and learning about all the creative opportunities that are out there.  It gives you lots to think about. We did an animation session where we created a one second clip. It was cool."

Richard Stewart is the editor of Student Life and one of the guest speakers at this event. He said, "We talked to the students about working with us. We want them to get involved in writing, design and photography. I'm very impressed by the atmosphere here."