Sustainable clothes stall at One Sixth Form College.

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Last academic year members of our Student Council approached us with the idea of running a sustainable clothes swap. Their vision was to use this as a way to draw attention to the impact Fast Fashion has on our environment as well as offer students a more sustainable alternative to obtaining new clothing. We asked students and staff to bring in their once loved but no longer wanted clothing which would become the stock for the Council to run a sustainable clothes fayre. We had no end of donations. 

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Thanks to the Drama Dept we were able to source a clothes rack and on the 20th June 2022 the Sustainable Clothes Fayre joined the Suffolk One Trade Fayre, an event organised by our Level 3 BTEC Business students. Originally we thought the Fayre would be a one off event where students and staff could come along and treat themselves, at no cost, to a new outfit and enable us to promote the advantages of sustainable fashion. 

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The feedback and success of this event inspired us to continue and now our Sustainable Clothes Stall is a monthly feature, which is highly anticipated by the OSFC community. Students and staff continue to bring in their no longer wanted items, which each month fly off the rack. Whilst we knew this was a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness about the impact fast fashion has on the environment and promote the idea of exploring fashion in a more sustainable way what we didn’t expect is what this stall would come to represent to our students.

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Students have said “It’s really fun and helpful. It brings people together and gets people to explore their styles”

“It’s nice to have a place to get sustainable fashion for free and a good way for people to get new things or give away what they don’t want”

“I think that it’s a helpful, inclusive way of making sure everyone has opportunity to fashion.”

“It’s one of the things I look forward to each month at college. I love the setting, the layout and friendliness. Thank you so much for offering help, saving a few quid goes a long way!”

“I feel very fortunate for this opportunity, because I know that many of my friends don’t get to enjoy this at their colleges. I am pretty glad that I come to One.”