Students keep feet on the ground during Formula One style gravity challenge

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Students got 'the closest experience to working in Formula One that we could give them' by taking part in a national car competition.

That's the view of engineering technician, Andy Taylor, who works for One.

The experience saw Mr Taylor and a team of engineering students, design and then build a vehicle called Black Ice that took part in a gravity car challenge.

The contest – similar to the Red Bull soap box challenges – saw over 80 teams charge down a hill in Wicksteed near Kettering in self-made vehicles.

Last year, the team from One came third – this time out, they finished eleventh.

Mr Taylor, continued, "We thought that the course would be longer than last year so we planned for this eventuality. Unfortunately the track was the same size as 2017 – but you can't be too disappointed. It was satisfying to know that the times we recorded last year would have seen us come first."

Next year, a team from the college is hoping to take part in an electric car competition called The Green Power Challenge.