Student art project in Ipswich aims to encourage young people to visit libraries

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A group of students have transformed the inside of the Ipswich County Library as part of a two week art exhibition.

Mixing graphic design, painting, photography and sculpture, the students from One have created various pieces aimed at trying to encourage more young people to use libraries.

This idea came about as part of a Suffolk libraries' youth arts programme called BLOC.

The project works with young people and artists to develop fun and creative activities, happenings and events.

Head of Curriculum, Emma Connolly explains. She said, "The work is spread throughout the library. It's very varied, thought provoking and inspiring and the idea of encouraging more young people to use these spaces for enjoyment is a great concept. As is the arts programme called BLOC. I'm proud to be involved in the project and super proud of all of the students."

19 year old Jasmine Hammond from Coddenham added pages to a book of the world's greatest artists as part of her involvement. She said, "All the artists in the original book were male so I created some new pages to make it more diverse."

18 year old Kit Harold from Felixstowe made a sculpture of a man reading a book. She said, "I wanted to make the space more interesting – I think my piece is a bit ghostly. It's great that people are getting to see our work."

18 year old Lewis Fox created a photograph that he adapted and then placed on a wall to make it look like a window. He said, "Knowing people are seeing what you have created is a boost."

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