One teams up with catering firm to back global environmental campaign

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One is backing a global campaign aimed at raising awareness of environmental issues, going all out to cut back on plastic use in the run up to World Environment Day that takes place on 5 June 2018.

Over the last few weeks, the college introduced reusable mugs and because of this, around 80% of employees use the 'One cup' as opposed to using plastic alternatives.

In addition to this – and thanks to support from the on-site caterer VERTAS - plastic straws have now been replaced by edible straws and biodegradable salad boxes have also been introduced.

Kevin Lewis is the facilities manager at One. (He is employed by VERTAS). Mr Lewis, said, "We have been doing as much as possible in regards to reducing plastic.  Its massive for us as a company as one of our key values is to be as sustainable as we can. We are evolving our policy all the time and the next focus for us is sachets for sauces. Overall, we have a great relationship with One and we are keen to work them as much as we can to promote environmental issues to everyone who visits, studies and works here."

One student, James Roberts, said, "I've been deeply passionate about saving the planet ever since I was very young and I think everyone is now aware that the use of plastics has reached a critical situation.

"I heard a fact the other day that said there are more particles of plastic in the ocean than there is plankton. So, I think that by having the One cup and using edible straws that we can reduce plastic use and hopefully it will encourage others to do the same."

"Ultimately, I'm pleased that One is getting behind this campaign - it's great to raise the awareness and spread the word."

Marketing manager, Frances Vickerstaff, said, "One is committed to doing as much as we can to support environmental issues. Our students and staff have really got behind the work that we are doing. I'd say that although logo may be purple, our mindset is very much green."