Interview Materials

If you have applied for any of the following, please click on the link and bring the requested materials along with you to your interview:

Art and Design Level 2 Diploma

Art and Design Level 3 Extended Diploma

Foundation Diploma in Art, Design & Media Practice

Photography A-Level

Art, Graphic Communication or Textile Design

Dance A Level - students looking to take A Level Dance need to provide a recording of themselves performing a dance routine to demonstrate their level of technique. The style of dance can be the students choice, the length of the recording should be at least 1 minute and be of a recent performance/participation in a class (less than a year old).

Recordings need to be uploaded to the admissions portal 1 week prior to your interview. Using the Document Upload under the 3 dots on the right of your admissions portal main page.

This is an important part of the admissions process which will support your application and enable staff to make an informed decision about our offer to you. If you have any questions relevant to these subjects, please do not hesitate to contact the named member of staff at the bottom of the letter above, or our Admissions team on 01473 556627 or email