One raises awareness of mental health during national campaign

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One is encouraging people to be extra kind to each other this week as part of a national campaign based around health and wellbeing.

One is holding daily sessions as part of Mental Health Awareness Week – a campaign that is encouraging people across the country to seek support relating to wellbeing issues.

This is the second year in a row that the college has actively embraced this movement and although grand plans have shifted because of the current lockdown, activities will now be taking place online.

Director of Human Resources, Gail Ollason has been co-ordinating events with her team. She said, “We have a team of wellbeing ambassadors who meet up every month and together we have worked on the promotion of this week.

“The initial focus was going to be based around the importance and value of sleep. Colleagues were even going to wear pyjamas at work to promote the campaign.”

“However, the Mental Health Foundation changed the focus because of the lockdown and so we decided to participate in their campaign to promote the importance of being kind to one another – both inside and out of work. It really resonates with what is happening at the moment.

“Wellbeing sessions relating to yoga, fitness and crocheting are taking place in online lunchtime sessions and we are sending out positive messages/ activities to staff every day to encourage their involvement.

“The whole ethos of the campaign is to enable our colleagues to stay fit, healthy and positive so that they can be the best they can be for themselves, each other and our students.”