ONE Biology students work with Royal Society and School of Life Sciences at the University of Essex

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A group of twelve Year 12 Biology student visited the School of Life Sciences at the University of Essex on Friday 28th February to contribute to an ongoing research project in Professor Lawson’s plant physiology laboratory attempting to produce crop plants better suited to the higher temperatures that are expected as a result of climate change.

Students were trained in molecular techniques, such as PCR and gel electrophoresis, and spent the day working in the university laboratory to screen transgenic samples for a gene linked to improved water use in crop plants.

This was a rare opportunity for students to use the skills they learn in lessons in real-life scenarios and see the possible applications of the content they study,  as well as potential career progression routes associated with their A-level course.

The students will be presenting their results as scientific posters back at ONE to senior members of the college team and representatives of Professor Lawson’s group and four students will have the chance to win a trip to the Royal Society in London to present their project at the annual student research conference in November 2020.