Future music stars will have a spring in their step during concert

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Some of the region's top young music and performing stars are getting ready for a spectacular spring concert next week.

The occasion will take place at One on Thursday 26 April 2018 starting at 7pm.

Lois Hinsley is the Head of Curriculum for Media and Performing Arts at One. She said, "This is a real end of year showcase for students from across the college. We will have a variety of ensembles and soloists playing a mixture of original work and covers. Performances will range from classical to pop to rock.

"When we opened we wanted to become a beacon in terms of attracting the brightest creative performers from this region to One and I really believe evenings like this spring concert helps prove the superb standards that our students are setting."

"Overall, our courses are very successful, we have a lot of events here and I'm very proud of our track record of helping students go off and achieve great things."