Freshers' Fair 2018


Freshers' Fair 2018

Our annual freshers' fair that showcased everything from the Suffragette movement to sumo wrestling took place at One on 14th September.

The occasion attracted over 30 stands and activities that included a rodeo bull, a candy floss machine and visits from organisations including Empire Cinemas.

Principal, Alan Whittaker opened proceedings and said; "it's not just about getting good results and top grades, it's about developing all round and this event is a great way of helping students to make the most of their time at One."

Former student of the sixth form, Ruth Ditchburn, who is now a representative of The National Citizen Service (NCS), helped co-ordinate and fund activities. She said, "The aim was to make sure the students had fun and we were also keen to recruit people to our autumn NCS programme. In total, 120 students put their names forward to work with us and it was a brilliant day – we have a great relationship with One."

Pauline Henry from the Woman's Festival Group was one of the attendees. She came along to highlight the sacrifices that the suffragettes went through to get the vote and promote her group. On her visit to One, she said, "It (One) is a very vibrant and exciting place for young people to come. We hope to work with them more."

Student, Ryan Best from Ipswich, had a stand on behalf of the LGBT group at the college. Ryan said, "I was here (at the fair) last year and I would say the group is growing in stature. One is a very loving and accepting environment and the vibe of the event was fun."

Students also sung a medley of musical numbers throughout. One of the performers was Madeleine Hardy who sang 'don't rain on my parade'. The 16 year old from Ipswich, said, "As soon as I came to One I just knew I wanted to be here. In terms of the event, it's good that there was lots of charities involved."

Another performer, Will Haigh from Framlingham, did a performance of the Fram's favourite son when he covered Ed Sheeran. The 16 year old, said, "I'd recommend One to others. The teachers are great and coming here helps your independence."