Waterfront Exhibition Showcases Some of Suffolk’s Top Artistic Talents

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Talented young artists were given the chance to showcase their work at an exhibition that was held at the Waterfront building in Ipswich.

The show was put together by Level 4 Art Foundation Diploma students from One.

Thanks to a link up with the University of Suffolk, a variety of pieces were exhibited at the iconic Ipswich based Waterfront building.

Course co-ordinator of Art Foundation at One, Emma Connolly, said, "It's great to see how much the students have progressed. The exhibition was very professional. It gave an eclectic snapshot of what is learnt and explored on the course and it gives the students a chance to be part of a professional show. Visitors got to see a mixture of fine art, graphics, fashion, textiles, architecture photography."

19 year old Megan Summers from Ipswich, said, "This is the biggest exhibition I've been part of. It's great that other artists and the general public saw my work. It's a big thing for me."

19 year old Liam Aldridge, from Kesgrave, said, "It felt good to see my work featured here and even better to see it alongside other people's work. I created a traditional screen print based around the Ipswich waterfront and I hope people enjoy seeing it."

Dr Liana Psarologaki, senior lecturer and course leader of fine at the University of Suffolk, said, "We welcome the talent of One Foundation Art students exhibited in our Waterfront Building. We are impressed by the diversity of media and the fresh approach to making as seen in the interim work produced for the show, which demonstrates formal, conceptual and technical understanding in the creative process. At the University of Suffolk School of Art, Design and Humanities we are dedicated to promoting creative flair and we are delighted to see a sample of such from prospective students. I congratulate all the participating artists and their tutors for such achievement and I am looking forward to future collaborations."

Next up for the students will be a final major exhibition of their work that will be housed at One from 14 June 2018.