Tolerance and unity are the themes at celebration day


Tolerance and unity are the themes at celebration day

One is set to champion tolerance and unity during an annual event called Celebration Day.

The occasion will take place  on Thursday 21 March 2019 and is happening on the same day as an international campaign set up by the United Nations called 'The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination.'

During lunchtime at One, a variety of stalls will be celebrating women in engineering and business, food and dress from around the world and the LGBT+ community will be collecting shoes that will be passed on to the charity Suffolk MIND.

Elsewhere, activities will include quizzes and the art department will be getting dressed up as famous historical painters.

One of the organisers of this event, Lois Hinsley, said, "There is so much going on globally that has put a focus on division. Therefore, this event aimed at celebrating different cultures, promoting equality and unity is very timely.

"We believe that Celebration Day helps reflect us who we are as a  centre and allows us all to celebrate in that one thing we all share - and that is our differences," she added.