Royal garden party supports government initiative based around ‘promoting British values’

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Students from One swapped pens and paper for teacups and cream cakes during a celebratory garden party ahead of the Royal wedding.

The occasion took place as part of an ongoing government led campaign to make students aware of British values.

Around 50 students and staff came along decked out in union flags and Royal masks.

The occasion was organised by the foundation learning department. Teacher from this department, Nicki Yucel, said, "I'm a big supporter of the Royal Family. We love to have a community feel in our department and we wanted to have a themed garden in our sensory garden and everyone has come along in their red, white and blue. It was a lovely afternoon."

Nicki – who has met the Duke of Edinburgh and Prince Edward and now she is off to Windsor on Saturday to watch the occasion as a spectator. She added, "I'm a big fan of Harry and Meghan and the whole family generally so I'm really looking forward to it."

Student, Luke Thurlow, said, "A Royal wedding doesn't come around very often so it's exciting. I'll be watching on TV. We are two of the building blocks who helped put this (garden party) together and it was a wonderful day."