Potential Oscar winners of the future get red carpet treatment during annual film awards

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One rolled out the red carpet to celebrate the talents of their media and games design students during an annual awards do called The Roscars.

The event is named after media teacher Ross Barrett, and shows clips that have been created by talented students during the last 12 months on a big screen in the performance space.

Proceedings were hosted by students Esme Rose and Josh Entwistle and the college also welcomed back former student George Mattock - who had just got back from filming a documentary in Mexico called Racer.

Mr Mattock currently works as a freelance editor presented the student of the year prize. He said, "When I went to Mexico we got picked up at the airport and we were staying in five star hotels and that wouldn't have happened if I hadn't studied media production at One. It's great to be back – the facilities and teachers are second to none and I wish I was still here in many ways."

He presented the student of the year prize to Harvey Bridgwater in Holbrook who is inspired by Dunkirk director, Christopher Nolan. The 17 year old, said, "I was surprised. I didn't expect to win but I'm glad that I did. It's nice to get some recognition. After One I want to get into the film world as quickly as I can."

Ross Barrett from One, said, "The quality and standard of work gets better and better every year. The students always exceed our expectations. I think the Roscars are good for celebrating achievement, progress and success and it's a real motivational boost. One is still relatively young but we are beginning to see some real talent coming through into the industry like George who is out there and making a name for himself. I really think One is the place to study media in East Anglia."

Other award winners were Tom Potter, Drew Derrett, Callum Everitt, Leo Culley, Alice Adams, Jenny Grumann-Copping, Sarah Everett, Charlie Lockwood, Ella Cookson, Cam Clack and Will Jones who picked up recognition in media production, media studies, games design and film studies.