Coronavirus Advice

Symptoms of a respiratory infection

In line with the new government guidance, if you have symptoms of a respiratory infection, including COVID-19, you should stay at home until you are well enough to return to college, with no high temperature. Please see our College guidance ‘cheatsheet’ for further details – Covid-19 Case Cheatsheet 

Please notify the College that you are unwell via the Student Absence Line.


Face coverings

All individuals are encouraged to wear a face cover while in the building or any vehicles operated by the Trust (e.g. coaches), unless medically exempt.

We feel that mask-wearing really helped us to manage the COVID-19 risks over the past academic year, and therefore we will ensure that there is a supply of masks available for those who cannot provide their own, along with hand sanitiser for all, extra cleaning and other controls to help combat the risks of COVID-19.

Ventilation is a key aspect and all building users should be prepared for cooler temperatures by bringing coats, etc. in some areas where fresh air can be let into the building.


Student COVID-19 Safety

Many measures have been put in place to help manage the spread of COVID-19. All students should read the following information and uphold these conditions for the safety of all.

Staying Safe at One



Being vaccinated is the best way to boost your immune system and reduce the effects of the COVID-19. Please visit the NHS website for more information on COVID-19 vaccines and how to get vaccinated


COVID-19 Risk Assessment

Please find the latest version of the college’s COVID-19 risk assessment here


This page will be reviewed regularly. If you have any specific concerns or questions please get in touch or call 01473 556600

Covid Cheatsheet


Remote Learning Guidance

A single point of information for all students, parents and stakeholders of One Sixth Form College regarding “immediate access to remote education”.

Where a student, class, group or small number of students need to self-isolate, or there is a local lockdown requiring students to remain at home, One Sixth Form College will immediately offer them access to remote education, wherever this is needed. It will be of high-quality and aligned as closely as possible with in-college provision.

The Government has set some clear guidance for students throughout January 2022.

You will recognise many of the requirements, the role of testing is, however, of increasing importance.

That is why students should continue with twice weekly LFD’s until further notice. You are then expected to report the outcome back to both the NHS and to the College using the links below:


You will also be aware that changes have occurred for self-isolation for individuals who test positive and for daily testing for close contacts, please follow the instructions as outlined in the link below:

As a further reminder, face covers will also be required until 26 January 2022 for all those who are not medically exempt. A certificate is not required but individuals can expect to be reminded to wear the appropriate lanyard inside college buildings.

We would strongly encourage any eligible students or staff to obtain their relevant vaccine as per the request from the Government, this is vital to stem the rise of new variants and to protect friends, family and colleagues. In support of this, the NHS vaccine bus will continue to visit the college to offer a “walk-in” service.

Once again, thank you. We appreciate that no one enjoys the process of being tested, but we do need a huge collective effort ensure that we can continue to deliver face-to-face learning.

In recognition of the variety of subjects and courses we offer, arrangements for remote learning will be specific to each situation – please find links below for each curriculum area. Should you require any further information, please contact the relevant curriculum manager via the contact details provided within each document.


Business, Economics & Accounting

BTEC Science

Engineering & Motor Vehicle


Evolve & Progression Tutorials

Supported Learning

Health & Social Care and Beauty


IT & Computer Science

Level 4 Art



Performing Arts & Music


Social Sciences