Assessment Plans - GCSE

In order to ensure that our students know exactly which pieces of work will be used as evidence to inform their overall grade we have published an assessment plan for each course – please find links below.

If students have any concerns, about the evidence listed, they should raise these with their teacher(s). 

  • For students entitled to access arrangements/reasonable adjustments, we will ensure that these are in place when evidence is gathered. Where appropriate reasonable adjustments were not in place for historic assessment, teachers will take this into account when determining a grade. Teachers will also consider whether suitable alternative evidence can be used instead.


  • Special consideration requests will not apply in the usual way this summer because students will not be taking exams. If students think that their performance, in an assessment has been affected by illness or personal circumstances, then they should talk to their teacher about this as soon as possible. It is important that any such issues are raised before we submit grade(s).

Our planning has been designed to ensure that we have approached the awarding of TAGs with the upmost integrity to ensure that students are supported with their progression.

We have provided email addresses for the relevant curriculum managers should you have any subject specific questions.


GCSE English

If you need any further information regarding these please contact: [email protected]


GCSE Maths - Foundation

GCSE Match - Higher

If you need any further information regarding these please contact: [email protected]